Restoring Hope + Health

to the underserved, most at-risk, young adult population (ages 18-25)
and their families by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to understand and combat substance abuse, mental health issues, and adjustment problems unique to that age group.

History of RESTORE

The RESTORE Foundation was established as a tax-exempt 501 [c] 3 organization in July 2008 at the beginning of the “Great Recession.” At that time, Oakland County’s adult male and female drug courts (ATC) and juvenile drug court (JDC) were hit with major budget cuts making it difficult to provide essential services and programs needed by the ATC and JDC.

RESTORE stepped in to bridge those gaps by raising and providing funding to continue the work of these successful, effective, and life saving programs. Over the years, RESTORE has contributed over $290,00.00 to the ATC and JDC.

Thankfully, as our economy recovered, the level of help needed from RESTORE gradually diminished. The ATC and JDC have seen an increase in public funding and are better able to self-sustain. Should that situation change, however, RESTORE remains ready to step into the breach.

Over the years, RESTORE has built up a large base of supporters and donors who have asked us to respond to the current opioid epidemic and we have responded and intend to continue to respond to this challenge.

Board of directors

  • Judge Edward Sosnick (Retired), President
  • John Marshall, Treasurer
  • David Wachler, Secretary
  • Judith K. Cunningham
  • Pastor Douglas Jones
  • Michael Kalil
  • Alison Orlans
  • Joshua Roberts
  • Karen Sosnick Schoenberg
  • David Techner
  • Judge Wendy L Potts (Retired)

Honorary Board

  • Chief Judge Jeffery S. Matis, Oakland County Circuit Court
  • Judge Leo Bowman, Oakland County Circuit Court
  • Judge Jacob J. Cunningham, Oakland County Circuit Court
  • Judge Phyliss C. McMillen, Oakland County Circuit Court
  • Judge Yasmin I. Polis, Oakland County Circuit

Directors Emeritus

  • W. Frank Fountain
  • David Provost