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The RESTORE Foundation?

The RESTORE Foundation was established in July 2008 to supplement the Oakland County drug treatment courts with necessary funding to ensure sustainability given the economic downturn a reduction of local, state, and federal funding sources. While The RESTORE Foundation does not currently employ any staff, the organization initially contracted with a professional fundraiser to guide solicitation effort.

The foundation is a non-profit; tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization. Its mission is to supplement the adult and juvenile treatment courts  with necessary funding to continue the work of these successful and effective programs. to help cover the costs of individual and family treatment services vital to drug court participants and training programs to keep the drug treatment courts active in rehabilitation issues.

Additionally, The RESTORE Foundation has responded to the often unanswered critical needs of young adults ages 18-25 by collaborating with the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities (ACHC) in 2015.

By raising funds to sustain the drug treatment courts and create a coordinated community response to address the 18-25 population, The RESTORE Foundation helps non-violent, substance abusing individuals who are sentenced to confinement for offenses arising out of their addiction.  Oakland County drug treatment court programs restore lives.

"I was on a downward spiral when I was entered into Juvenile Duge Court Program. At the time, I thought my life was over, but I now know that this is my opportunity to start living again."

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